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Roof Replacement

San Antonio Roof Replacement

Eventually, your home is going to need a new roof. When it does, make sure you get the best! Bring Tower Roofing out to handle the job.

When your roof is at the end of the line, you need a roofer who knows how to properly remove the old roof, repair any leaking or damaged areas, install the new roof and deliver outstanding professionalism and quality throughout. That’s precisely what Tower Roofing ¬†does every single time we take on a new project.


Whether you’re old roof was damaged beyond repair or simply starting to wear out due to age and weather, our team of dedicated experts are gifted at performing re-roof services. Once you commit to us, we’ll start your job as quickly as possible, remove all the old materials from the previous roof, repair any damaged or leaking areas, and then install a high-quality, long-lasting roof that will stand up to time and weather for years to come. Then, we’ll clean up all of the materials and products used and it will almost be like our team was never even there… except for the beautiful new roof, of course!


If you’ve got any sort of roof damage, a leak in the ceiling, or are nearing the end of your roof’s lifetime, give Tower Roofing a call today to schedule a free, no-obligation roof inspection!

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    Why Choose Tower Roofing?

    You have plenty of options when it comes to choosing a San Antonio Roof Replacement contractor. Want to know why you should make the call to go with Tower Roofing? Check out our reviews, visit our gallery of projects, read about our warranty, learn more about our story and peruse our company brochure. Once you do, you’ll understand why Tower Roofing is the premier San Antonio Roof Replacement Company.

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