Insurance Company Trouble? - Tower Roofing
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Insurance Company Trouble?

Hail Damage San Antonio TX

Insurance Company Trouble?

At Tower Roofing, we’re Insurance Claim experts. We’ll help you get as much money as possible from your home insurance policy to put toward roof repairs and replacements when your home is affected by severe weather.


Sometimes, there’s only so much that we as a third party can do. If you’ve had issues getting your home insurance company to pay on your roof damage claim, don’t just accept their decision. You have rights as a homeowner and insurance customer. One of the best ways to get all that you’re owed from your insurance company is to go through the Texas Department of Insurance.


As stated on their website, the Texas Department of Insurance is a state-funded agency that strives to “protect insurance consumers by:

  • Regulating the insurance industry fairly and diligently
  • Promoting a stable and competitive market
  • Providing information that makes a difference.”


When you have complaints or issues with an insurance company after a roof damage claim, consider your options and contact the Texas Department of Insurance to see what additional steps can be taken in your defense.